At Hera Investment Funds Inc. ethics and integrity sit at the forefront of all our business practices and transactions. Transparency and fairness guide us in all that we do as we strive to be sound in approach and judgment when assessing our relationship with every investor and every financing applicant. Our vision is to grow along with a loyal group of investors by offering progressive investment opportunities and empowering our broker partners to offer better private funding solutions to their customers.

Stella Liao, CPA CGA

Chief Executive Officer

Accountable, skilled with extensive experience in Real Estate and Finance within BC, Hera Investment Funds is professionally managed by Stella Liao CPA, a licensed member of the Chartered Professional Accountants of British Columbia. Adhering to the highest professional standards, Ms. Liao is equipped to make safe, efficient, and informed MIC investment decisions leading to secure and profitable outcomes for our clients.

Pourang Taheri

Chief Financial Officer

Pourang comes with a wealth of experience in the financial services sector. He is the Co-founder of TK Consulting, a financial services company serving over 300 small and medium-sized companies. Previously, he was a partner at Abana Capital Investments and worked as a controller for Corriente Resources that was later acquired for $1B.


Corporate & Securities Lawyer: Northwest Law Group

Mortgage Lawyer: Kuhl Law Corp.

Exempt Market Dealer: Drake Financial Ltd.

Auditors: Fairhall Zhang & Associates Ltd.