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At Hera Investment Funds Inc. we value our relationships with our mortgage broker partners. We are proud to say that we have chosen not to originate any mortgages through our MIC so that we do not compete with our broker partners. We work with a select group of brokers and build on those relationships to be able support them in providing their clients with alternative financing needs when needed.

Hera Investment Funds Inc. provides short-term, residential, first and second mortgage solutions to borrowers that do not meet conventional bank underwriting criteria. Our most popular product is a one-year open mortgage. Our goal is to provide straightforward mortgage solutions designed to help your clients when the banks cannot.

Hera Investment Funds Inc. offers commercial mortgages for borrowers that don’t fit the banks’ rigid lending policies. We can lend on a variety of property types, such as strata office space, retail storefronts, strata warehouses, mixed-use properties, and more.

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