About Hera Investment Funds

Hera Investment Funds Inc. (MIC) is a fully integrated mortgage lending company, providing alternative investment choices that are RRSP, RRIF, RESP, and TFSA eligible.

Hera invests primarily in residential 1st and 2nd mortgages throughout lower mainland communities that, through intimate knowledge and experience, offer safe, secure investments due to niche geography, due diligence, and local expertise.

Loans are funded for a few select commercial properties when, after extensive and thorough inquiry, they are deemed solid and substantial enough to fit and be welcomed as a part of our mortgage investment fund portfolio.

Accountable, skilled, and with extensive experience in Real Estate and Finance within BC, Hera Investment Funds is professionally managed by Afshin Doust, a licensed member of the Mortgage Brokers Association of BC (MBABC). Adhering to the highest of principle and professional standards, you can rely on Afshin to oversee and make safe, efficient, and informed MIC investment decisions.

You can be well rested and assured that your investments with Hera are profitable and secure, having the comfort of knowing we would treat them as one of ours, protecting and watching over them as they compound alongside our own.

Once invested in Hera, you become a part of the family. We highly value our connections and the sense of community we aim to always grow, create, develop, and enrich at Hera.

Any questions you may have about investing or borrowing from Hera Investment Funds MIC, Afshin is here to personally answer, and can be contacted directly: 604.339.4422 or email at info@herafunds.com

We can also direct you towards independent Investment Advisors and will always encourage you to read the offering memorandum when interested in taking the next step in learning more about investing in Hera MIC.

Learn the risks of investing in a MIC and realize the ultimate potential for safe, secure, strong maximum returns that are RRSP, RRIF, and TFSA eligible. It’s a win-win alternative investment solution!

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