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Hera Investment Funds Inc. is a Western-Canadian Mortgage Investment Corporation (MIC) that is based and registered in North Vancouver, BC, offering investors the opportunity to invest in the real estate market while lending primarily in 1st and 2nd mortgages within select lower mainland communities.

At Hera Investment Funds Inc. ethics and integrity sit at the forefront of all our business practices and transactions. Transparency and fairness guide us in all that we do as we strive to be sound in approach and judgment when assessing our relationship with every investor and every financing applicant. Our vision is to grow along with a loyal group of investors by offering progressive investment solutions.


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Hera is a private mortgage lending and investment company which is owned by its shareholders.


Do you need a mortgage? Hera is here to help you. We understand the challenges that borrowers face.

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Hera offers flexible and prompt mortgage solutions that are customized to fit your clients particular needs.